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The Ghana Free Zones Board (GFZB) was established on 31st August, 1995 by an Act of Parliament – The Free Zone Act, 1995 (Act 504), to enable the establishment of free zones in Ghana for the promotion of economic development; to provide for the regulation of activities. in free zones and for related purposes. The Board operates under a regulation (L.I. 1618). Actual implementation of the Programme commenced in September 1996.

The Ghana Free Zones Programme is designed to promote processing and manufacturing of goods through the establishment of Export Processing Zones (EPZs), and, encourage the development of commercial and service activities at sea- and air-port areas.  In essence therefore, the whole of Ghana is accessible to potential investors who have the opportunity to use the free zones as focal points to produce goods and services for foreign markets.

Functions of the Board
The Ghana Free Zones Board has nine members who are appointed by the President in consultation with the Council of State.  The Board is chaired by the Minister of Trade & Industry. The board’s main role is to facilitate, regulate and monitor activities in the free zones.

Other Functions of the Board

  • Granting licenses to applicants
  • Assisting applicants for licenses under Act 504 by providing
  • Services for obtaining other relevant licenses, permits and facilities
  • Examining and recommending for approval, agreements and treaties relating to the development activities of the free zone 
  • Monitoring activities, performance and development of Free Zone Developers and Enterprises;
  • Ensuring compliance by Free Zone Developers and Enterprises of the Free Zone Act and any other laws relevant to free one activities 
  • Registering and keeping records and data on the programme of developers, operators and enterprises in free zones 
  • Performing such other functions as are incidental to the foregoing.

Tenure of Office
A member of the Board other than the Chairman shall hold office for a term of four years and is eligible for re-appointment.

Meetings of the Board
The Board meets once every month to deliberate on issues at such times and places as the Chairman may determine. The Chairman presides over all meetings of the Board; however, in his absence members elect one of their members to preside in line with provisions in the Act.  Other procedures relating to meetings of the Boar are outlined in the Free Zone Act 504.

Organizational Structure
An organizational structure of the GFZB has at its apex the Board, which is tasked with the responsibility of achieving stipulated objectives. The Act provides for the establishment of committees to assist the Board in the discharge of its functions.  Currently four (4) such committees have been established.  These are:

  • Committee on Marketing, Promotion & Public Relations
  • Committee on Project Evaluation, Licensing And Legal
  • Committee on Finance
  • Committee on Works & Acquisition

Secretariat of the Board
The Board has a Secretariat, which is responsible for the day-to-day administration and implementation of the Board’s resolutions. The Secretariat has at its head an Executive Secretary who coordinates activities of the Secretariat and reports to the Board.  He is assisted by two Deputy Executive Secretaries and other functional supervisors.

The current structure establishes four (4) main divisions, namely:

  • Marketing, Promotion and Public Relations
  • Technical Services & Operations
  • Legal & Administration
  • Finance

Services provided by GFZB include:

Providing information on investment opportunities in the free zone

  • Issuing licenses to approved free zone enterprises 
  • Assisting in securing other permits from related agencies
  • Providing ready facilities i.e. serviced land and utilities at theExport Processing Zones
  • Obtaining work/residence permits for expatriates in the free zone
  • Providing any other services requested by investors


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